Sunday, December 18, 2011

Glitter Gradient Nails

I wanted to do a nail design inspired by the winter. I think this would be perfect for the holidays and for New Years! :)

Read on for a more in-dept description and to see what polishes I used for this nail design!

This is my first time attempting to do a glitter gradient! It's a lot easier than I thought it would be, and it's an easy way to spice up your nails with glitter! :)

OPI Swimsuit...Nailed It!, China Glaze Nova, OPI Gone Gonzo!

- Swim Suit...Nailed It! is part of OPI's Miss Universe Collection. It is a gorgeous ocean blue nail polish with a subtle glitter. In the sunlight, you can really see the polish sparkle. The application was amazing; I definitely think you can go with one coat for full opacity but I did two just in case. My only gripe with this polish is the staining. It is very difficult to remove; it stains your nails and cuticles. But I can handle a bit of staining considering how pretty the polish is! :)
- China Glaze Nova is a silver holographic glitter polish. It has a clear base, so I usually use it to layer on top of other polishes.
- Gone Gonzo! is from OPI's The Muppets Collection. It is a very pretty glitter polish with blue and silver glitters. The glitter specks are different sizes so the polish has a lot of dimension. The only negative thing is the fact that it has a clear base, which means you have to do a lot of layers if you want to wear this color on its own. Like Nova, I like to layer this glitter polish on top of other colors.

To achieve the nail polish design above:

- One coat of base coat
- OPI Swimsuit...Nailed It! (base color)
- China Glaze Nova (Begin applying this polish starting from the middle of your nail toward the tip of your nails. Concentrate the polish on the tip to create a gradient effect.)
- OPI Gone Gonzo! (Apply the same way as you would Nova. I decided to use this polish along with Nova because of the blue and multi-sized glitters. It enhances the design in my opinion, and you can go wrong with more glitter!)
- Seal everything in using a top coat

I've had this on my nails for almost three weeks and I've only noticed a little bit of tip wear. The wear of this combination of polishes is amazing! I will definitely be trying out other color combinations of gradient nails in the future! :)

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