Saturday, May 12, 2012

Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Eyeshadow Quad in Precocious (Review + Swatches)

Price: ~$10-$12 depending on where you buy it Where to buy: any drugstore that sells Revlon products (I purchased mine at CVS) I picked up one of Revlon's Colorstay 16 Hour Quads a few months ago. There are several quads that contain various colors but the one I decided to buy is Precocious because I love berry tones!

These eyeshadow quads are supposed to last for up to 16 hours. I've never worn them for that long before so I can't say if they last that long. I have worn these shadows for up to 5 or 6 hours though (with an eyeshadow primer) and they hold up pretty well. I have not tested these without an eyeshadow primer because I tend to always use primer regardless of whether the shadows are good or bad quality.

This particular palette comes with four eyeshadows: a silver, a pinky-purple, a burgundy, and a dark gray. All four shades are shimmery, which I don't mind too much, however I do wish that one of them were matte.

Out of the four shades, the only one I find to not be as pigmented is the pinky-purple one on the bottom left. I was a bit disappointed because one reason why I picked this quad over the others one is because of this shade. The swatch actually appears more pigmented than when you apply it onto your eyelids. I've tried packing on the color when applying it but it still isn't as pigmented as I was hoping. I was able to get a somewhat decent pigmentation from it if I use a colored base underneath. The other three shades, however, are quite pigmented and blends easily. I especially like the burgundy shade and the gray shade. They're perfect if you wanted to do a smokey eye look. The silver can be used in the inner eye area or as a highlight.

^ Silver shade in the inner corner of the eye and outer third of lower lash line. Pinky-purple shade all over the lid. Burgundy shade on the outer third of the lid and lower lash line. Gray shade in the outer V.

Overall, I do like this quad but I don't think I'd be using the pinky-purple shade as much. I really like the other three shades though, and I think I'd most likely use when I want to do a smokey eye. If you already have similar shades to these three colors then I'd say skip it. But if you're wanting to try out a drugstore palette with berry tones then you should give it a try! I definitely want to try out a few more other Revlon quads from this line.

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