Thursday, February 17, 2011

Makeup: My Obession

I'm totally obsessed with makeup. Although my collection isn't as big as other makeup collectors' I still think that it's quite large for a average girl. I officially started to collect makeup right after high school. I wasn't really into it that much before that. I don't really know what really sparked my interest on it though. I find that now I'm totally intrigued by it. Every time I go to the store, I have to stop by the makeup aisle. I can honestly say that it makes me happy to look at and/or buy makeup. Whether it's drug store or high end, I love it all!

At this point, most of the items in my collection are drug store (though I'm beginning to buy more high end items). I have a lot of stuff laying around that I bought a long time ago when I didn't know which was of better quality or not. Now I've started to buy more items that are good quality (excellent pigmentation, long wear, etc.). I definitely think that my judgment has improved a lot since I first started collecting. However, I'm always up to trying new makeup products.

So far, I'm content with my collection, and I know that it will continue to expand! :)

* Of course I'm not a professional by any means; makeup is just a hobby of mine. <3

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