Monday, May 2, 2011

An Apology.. & Shoe Haul! :)

I apologize for the lack of posts lately! :( I have been too consumed with work, school, & everything in between so I haven't had time to blog that much on here. I will definitely try to blog more often though!

A few months ago, I purchased two pairs of shoes from Target. To be honest, I've never really gone into the shoe section very much at Target. Now I'm asking myself, "WHYYYY??" They have such cute shoes at affordable prices! I will definitely be visiting that section more now! :)

The first pair of shoes that I got are a pair of flats. These are called the Merona Marlis Suede Sliver Wedge Shoes in grey. They also come in navy, taupe, & black. I chose the grey ones because I don't have any flats in grey and I thought they'd go well with a lot of outfits. They also have a little wedge on them, so I think they'd go well with a casual or dressy outfit. These flats cost $17.48 online at, but I think I bought them for about $10 dollars because they were on sale! Such a steal; I couldn't let them pass me by! However, just like a lot of shoes, I did have to break into these. They hurt the sides of my feet the first few times I wore them. After wearing them for awhile though, I find them to be quite comfortable! :)

I also bought a pair of wedges as well. I've been looking for a cute pair that I'd really like for awhile, and when I saw these I knew that I had to get them! They're called the Mossimo Pilar Strappy Wedge Sandals. These come in black and brown. I chose the brown ones because they looked more casual to me. I think they'd go well with dresses or just a simple pair of jeans. The cost $29.99 which isn't too bad at all. These are running out quickly though, so if you have small feet like I do (Size 6), definitely go get them as soon as you can! I know that they carry the larger sizes like 8 or 9 but I couldn't find size 6 anywhere! I had to go to a few Targets before I finally got my hands on a pair that were size 6.5. I got them anyway because I wanted them so much! They're a little big but not too badly that I can't wear them without them being comfortable.

Overall, I think that these shoes will be great for the spring/summer time! You should definitely check out the shoe section in your local Target to see if they have any other cute pairs as well! :)

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