Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Review: China Glaze Crackle Nail Polishes

After using OPI's Black Shatter, I really wanted to try out these Crackle Nail Polishes from China Glaze. I love the fact that there are more colors than just the normal black crackle, and that's what intrigued me the most about these China Glaze polishes.

These Crackle Nail Polishes can be bought at Ulta or Sally's. I have been hesitant about buying these because of the price. Like the OPI polish, China Glaze polishes also cost $8 and I think that's a little pricy for a small bottle of nail lacquer. However, I recently found out that Sally's sells these for $5.99, and if you have a Sally's Beauty Club Card they cost $4.99! After finding this out, I had to have them! Each one of these polishes cost $4.99 for me since I have a Beauty Club Card. I definitely recommend you guys go out and get these polishes at Sally's if you've been interested in getting them!

COST: Ulta - $8; Sally's (www.sallybeauty.com) - $5.99 (without card), $4.99 (with card)

Black Mesh, Lightning Bolt, Cracked Concrete

Broken Hearted, Crushed Candy, Fault Line

These crackle polishes come in 6 colors (black, gray, white, aqua teal, pink, shimmery purple). All are matte shades except for the purple polish. I recommend using a shiny top coat over these polishes to enhance the color. So far, I've only tried 3 of the colors:

Broken Hearted

Cracked Concrete

Fault Line

- Make sure your base color is completely dry before applying one coat of the crackle polish
- Apply the crackle polish quickly because it dries fast
- Use a thick (more opaque) coat of the crackle polish to get thicker cracks (this will cause you to have less cracks)
- Use a thinner coat of the crackle polish to get fine-lined cracks (this will cause you to have more cracks)

The China Glaze Crackle Polishes are similar (if not the same) as the OPI Shatter polishes. For a cheaper alternative, make sure you purchase them at Sally's! Also, China Glaze carries these polishes in a wider range of colors. Overall, I definitely recommend getting these!


  1. I LOVE the purple one! Your blog is sooo cute :)

  2. Hi i oso wana buy may i knw who is sally thanks :D

  3. Is it possible if u can help me buy i wana buy the black :D

  4. Nice collection there! I adore China Glaze & wish I can get hold of them...

    Anyway I just blogged about crackling nail polishes too!