Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sunless Tanning!

Since it's now finally summer, I've been wanting to try out some self tanners. After watching many reviews on youtube and doing a good amount of research, I finally decided on purchasing a drugstore tanning lotion. It is called the Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer for fair to medium skin tones.

PRICE: around $9 for 7.5 fluid ounce
WHERE: drugstores, Target, Walmart

Now, I've used tanning lotions in the past and I've never really had good experiences with them. The L'oreal Sublime, for example, made me look really orange and it left me looking streaky. I've been on the hurt for a drugstore tanning lotion for awhile because i don't want to have to spend too much! I've heard that the St. Tropez mousse tanner (you can get this at Sephora) is really good but I don't think I want to spend $30 on a bottle!

Therefore, I thought I would try the Jergens Natural Glow. I purchased this in the "fair to medium skin tones" range because I don't really want to get too dark. I was also skeptical of weather it would make me orange so I wanted to try out the lighter color first before I consider trying out the darker one. This comes in a lotion form so I just used this as my daily moisturizer. I would apply this on my entire body right after I come out of the shower while my skin is still damp so that the lotion could easily sink into my skin. It doesn't feel heavy on me at all, which I really like, and it also dries pretty quickly. I have a pretty sensitive nose, so the smell was a bit overwhelming for me during the first day. However, as the days went by I got used to it and it became tolerable. For a self tanner, I don't think the smell is that bad at all! Also, the lotion also has a hint of shimmer in it, but it is really subtle. Just at a glance I wouldn't be able to see the shimmer but if I were to look closely then I do see some subtle shimmer here and there.

I like this product because it gives me a natural glow (just like it claims!). Keep in mind that this is a gradual tanner so you won't be able to see results within the first day! I applied this on everyday during my first week of usage and after that I put this on every other day. I started noticing that my body was a bit tanner at the end of my first week of using it. Also, it doesn't leave my skin streaky! I have an even tan all around my body, which is a plus! I also want to suggest that you should allow the lotion to dry completely after applying it. (I did have a little accident with minor streaking at the beginning but that was my fault because I didn't let the lotion dry completely and I accidentally scraped some of it off my knee while it was still drying! This made my tan uneven just around my knee area so make sure you apply even layers throughout your entire body!) I haven't had any problems with it staining my clothes but that could be because I completely let it dry first.

Overall, I really like this product. I'm actually impressed with it because it does what it claims to do and it goes on really nicely without making me look orange. The price isn't too bad either for the amount of product you get! Again, I bought this for the fair to medium skin tones because I didn't want to get too tanned. I might purchase the one for medium to dark skin tone towards the middle of summer if I'm looking for a darker tan. For those of you looking for a gradual self tanner, I would definitely recommend this product! :)

* I am so glad that summer's here! Happy Tanning, Everyone! :D


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